About Us

Diagnostic Learning Services consists of state certified Educational Diagnosticians striving to provide the most in-depth evaluations for our clients. As a group, we offer the following experience and credentials:

  • Master’s and Doctorate level professionals-all of which are certified by the state of Texas
  • Experience in the general education setting as well as over 20 years special education experience in the private and public schools
  • Members of the Texas Educational Diagnostician Association
  • In depth knowledge of Cross Battery Assessments
  • Knowledge of requirements needed for SAT and ACT accommodations
  • Knowledge of Texas Special Education law
  • Thorough understanding of the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) process as well as 504 programs
  • Diagnostic experience at the elementary, middle, high school, college and adult levels
  • In depth knowledge of the RTI (Response To Intervention) process and how to navigate through the 3 tiers of intervention as well as progress monitoring

Our assessment staff consists of highly qualified examiners who have extensive training in the administration and interpretation of standardized assessments.  In addition, we have specific training and experience in the processes and procedures involved in diagnosing learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia as well as ADHD.  In addition to evaluation knowledge and experience, our assessment staff also has a wide range of experiences in the classroom setting including kindergarten through graduate school. This gives us a unique perspective on how learning challenges look and are accommodated for in the school environment.  Our evaluation reports have been accepted by colleges, universities, private schools across the nation as well as the governing bodies for numerous licensing and certification exams to be used as evidence of a documented disability when pursuing classroom and testing accommodations.