A 504 plan is the plan that public schools (K-12) create to give students with disabilities accommodations and extra support. (click here to learn more about what section 504 is) 504 plans include accommodations like extra time on tests, changes to the testing area, changes to how lessons are presented so it’s easier for the student to comprehend and understand. However, once the student graduates high school and moves on to college the 504 plan does not follow them. Although students still can receive accommodations in college they won’t be the same as a 504 plan they would receive in grade and high school. Support will not just be provided like it was in public school,  instead, it will have to be actively sought out by the student. Different documentation, or proof of the disability,  may be required as well. Colleges do not identify students with disabilities, students must self identify and be qualified to make accommodation requests based on their disability documentation. 

Section 504 does not have specific provisions addressing report cards or transcript confidentiality, but they prohibit public entities from treating people differently on the basis of disability.  Because a student’s transcript is intended to show institutions or employers their academic credentials, including information about a disability or information about receiving accommodations as well as singling out students or treating them differently on account of a disability violates section 504.  

This the same if a student receives accommodations on standardized testing like the ACT, SAT, MCAT, or LSAT.  The accommodations cannot be noted on the score report.