Austin ADD ADHD Assessment Testing

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are not particularly easy disabilities to diagnose, but via an in-depth Austin ADD assessment by Diagnostic Learning Services, you can determine whether a child or adolescent suffers from either or both.

Our Austin ADHD testing is administered by qualified, state-certified educational diagnosticians. These are multi-step evaluations that are thorough by design in order to uncover potential cases of ADD or ADHD.

A number of criteria must be met in order to confirm a case of ADD or ADHD, which our ADD evaluation in Austin TX will prove. One such criteria is that the disability must create difficult in at least two areas of life. These areas can include:

  • Home life
  • School/education
  • Work
  • Social situations

Our Austin ADD assessment is able to identify symptoms within each child or adolescent and determine whether those symptoms present a disruption in the lives of these patients. Results of Austin ADHD testing are a crucial piece in the educational development of children and adolescents.

By understanding the barriers to learning, children and adolescents are able to connect with the resources they need to overcome these disabilities and still have a chance a leading a successful academic life.


It starts with an ADHD assessment in Austin TX

We invite you to schedule an evaluation for ADD/ADHD. Our team of professionals offers appointments Monday through Saturday of any week. The typical evaluation takes around three to four hours and is designed to offer clients with a clear, in-depth look at your child or adolescent’s learning disability.

This is about as concise of an Austin ADD assessment that exists. With a proven method and skilled professionals available at our evaluation center, you can trust clear results that you can use to better the academic life of your child. Contact our team to get started.