Austin Dysgraphia Assessment Testing

Welcome to Diagnostic Learning Services, where we specialize in testing and evaluating students for learning disabilities, which includes a thorough Austin dysgraphia assessment.

Dysgraphia is one of the handful of learning disabilities that we diagnose and help parents to understand. With our dysgraphia testing in Austin TX, our certified educational diagnosticians are able to document and diagnose your child’s dysgraphia and also provide you with tips and resources to accommodate their needs both at home and at school.


Dysgraphia — and other learning disabilities — can be a major hindrance
Our Austin dysgraphia evaluation, and the tests we offer for other learning disabilities, are important because knowing the difficulties that your child faces is the first step to resolving them.

Dysgraphia in particular is the product of a brain issue that does not allow children to write clearly. They might have trouble spacing letters and words or even copying text that is in front of them.

This can be a major barrier between a student and their education. With our Austin dysgraphia assessment, we are able to document the ailment and help bring the findings to education administrators. Special accommodations can help these students downplay the crippling symptoms of dysgraphia and still thrive in their education.


About our evaluation process
Our dysgraphia testing in Austin TX is in-depth and administered by experienced professionals. It includes background information provided by parents or guardians and meets the document standards for high schools, colleges, universities and the SATs and ACTs.

A dysgraphia evaluation in Austin TX will examine your child’s symptoms and determine whether or not they have an impact on their educational pursuits.

Learn more about our Austin dysgraphia assessment and how it has already helped scores of children and adolescents. We care about your child’s future and want to provide the necessary resources to help rise above a learning disability.