Austin Dyslexia Assessment Testing

If you suspect that your child might be struggling in school because of dyslexia, then we invite you to consult with the experts on staff here at Diagnostic Learning Services, where we offer an in-depth Austin dyslexia assessment.

Through a dyslexia evaluation in Austin TX, you will be able to discover profoundly important information about your child and how they function in a traditional classroom. From the assessment, we can determine.

  • Whether or not they suffer from dyslexia through a concise Austin dyslexia evaluation.
  • If so, how pronounced the symptoms are and how profoundly it affects their ability to learn in a traditional classroom environment.
  • What can be done to help your child downplay dyslexia and receive a quality education despite the disability.

Each Austin dyslexia assessment is administered by qualified educational diagnosticians. Our evaluations generally last around three to four hours and we also invite our clients back for a follow-up appointment to discuss the findings of the dyslexia evaluation in Austin TX.

Learning about dyslexia is important
If your child suffers from the effects of dyslexia, it can be incredibly disruptive to their education. Dyslexia makes it so that the brain has a hard time converting language (both verbal and written) into thoughts. This is why so many people think that it is strictly a reading disability, when, in reality, it affects writing, speaking, spelling and more.

Because of this clear disability, it’s important that your child receive special accommodations to help meet their unique needs. This is something we discuss with parents at our dyslexia assessment in Austin TX.

Schedule an evaluation right now
The information uncovered by our Austin dyslexia assessment can have a profound impact on the educational life of your child. Learn more about this disruptive disability by contacting the professionals at Diagnostic Learning Services right now.