High school and college students are often confused on what it is they want to be when they grow up. It is sometimes difficult for them to narrow down a career path and they often feel lost in all of their choices. In addition, some students feel forced to make a decision and end up in a college major or even a job that is unfulfilling and not what they really wanted.

So many factors go into making a decision about a career. First and foremost, it is important to think about what you really enjoy doing. Is it helping others, working outside, solving problems, organizing, or building?  This can then lead you to the different career options that may go along with your area of interest. Next, thing about the things that you are really good at, like being a good listener, teaching others, gardening, math, or even writing. Combining the things you love with the things you are good at can lead to a very fulfilling career.  Often the things you love are the things you are good at…….but sometimes, they are not.  I was always interested in the medical field but I am terrible at science….so that just was not going to be a good fit for me!

In order to help students and adult determine where to start when deciding on a college major or a career, Diagnostic Learning offers assessments that evaluate a person’s interests as well as areas that they believe they are strong in. That, along with an evaluation of their ability levels and processing skills, we can guide them in the direction that will most likely bring them the most joy and success.

I often tell students and adults that I work with how important it is to love what you do since you have to do it every day! It is also important to remember that no career has to be forever. People of all ages go back to school every day to make a career change, so what ever you decide now may be great for now, but there is alway opportunity for change.

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