Why Do Students with ADHD HATE to Write?

Students with ADHD often HATE to write. Written expression is a more demanding task than talking, reading, or doing basic math calculations. It places a much heavier demand on learned skills and executive functions. Think about it, when you sit down to write even a simple sentence, you first have to decide what it is […]

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Questions to Ask When Visiting College Disability Offices

All Colleges and Universities offer services for students with learning disabilities including ADHD and Dyslexia. Because each program is different, while visiting schools, it is important to visit each Disability Services office to determine if they have the types of services that you or your student may need. Some programs offer more intensive support while […]

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Are ADHD Medications Forever?

When we see a student who is just being diagnosed with ADHD for the first time, I am often asked if medication is something that has be taken forever. The answer is different for everyone. Ultimately, if medication helps to manage the symptoms of ADHD that are interfering with success in school and home, then […]

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Special Event – ADHD Meds – Learn How to Find the Right One

Does the idea of ADHD medication scare you? Have you tried several different ADHD medications and none of them have been effective? Has your child suffered from side effects from their ADHD medication? Special Event Information on Genetic Testing for ADHD Medication Effectiveness (with just a simple cheek swab) Monday, November 16th 6:30-8:00pm 4011 W. […]

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ADHD Medication – What You Should Be Asking Your Doctor

Medication for ADHD can make a dramatic difference if it’s used appropriately, yet some experts say these pills are being overly prescribed. In fact, according to study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, approximately 2.8 million or 3.5 percent of children were prescribed ADHD medication in 2008, up from 2.4 percent 12 years earlier. If you are concerned […]

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What is Section 504?

When talking about getting kids with ADHD or Dyslexia help in school, you will often be asked if they have a “504 plan”. So many parents have no idea what this plan really is. Section 504 is part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and is a broad civil rights law which protects individuals with […]

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Accommodations for the ISEE Test

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is required as part of the admissions process for many of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area private schools.   A student with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodations in the ISEE.  To be eligible, the student must: Have a disability that necessitates testing accommodations, Have complete and specific […]

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Important Dates for SAT/ACT/ISEE Accommodation Requests

2014/15 SAT Deadlines for Submitting Documentation for Accommodation Requests Test Date               Documentation Deadline January 24              December 5 March 14                  January 23 May 2                       March 13 June 6                      April 17 ACT Deadlines for Submitting Documentation for Accommodation […]

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Strategies for Weak Reading Comprehension

There are several common difficulties that interfere with a student’s ability to comprehend what they read.  Students with and without learning disabilities may struggle when reading books or longer passages, especially when those passages are on a test.  Some of the more common reading issues that interfere with comprehension include losing your place, losing your […]

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