Dallas ADD ADHD Assessment Testing

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are relatively common in today’s society, and with a reliable Dallas ADD assessment, you can find out if it is an ailment that is standing between your child and an enriching education.

Both ADD and ADHD are very abstract learning disabilities — there is not a single, defining test that can be administered to determine whether or not a child or adolescent suffers from it. With Dallas ADHD testing by Diagnostic Learning Services, you can shed a bright light on this issue.


An extensive ADD evaluation in Dallas TX

Diagnostic Learning Services gives you access to qualified educational diagnosticians, who are certified by the state of Texas. They will use their best judgment and proven testing methods to determine whether or not your child is dealing with ADD or ADHD.

There is certain criterion that must be met to determine whether ADD or ADHD plays a role in your child’s academic life. Our Dallas ADD assessment explores whether or not your child suffers from symptoms that meet those criteria. Generally, to confirm ADD/ADHD, our Dallas ADHD testing must determine that:

  • The child suffers from at least six of the nine defining characteristics of ADD/ADHD
  • Those symptoms are severe and prominent
  • The symptoms also disrupt various aspects of the child’s life

There are no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to determine this information, which is why we offer thorough ADHD assessment in Dallas TX.

This three- to four-hour process also includes information provided from parents to help provide background information on the child. With all the data we collect, our team is able to properly diagnose each child and also offer post-evaluation consultations that offer helpful solutions to dealing with these ailments.

Learn more about our Dallas ADD assessment by contacting the Diagnostic Learning Services staff and scheduling an appointment.