Dallas Dysgraphia Assessment Testing

If you suspect that your child might be suffering from dysgraphia, then we invite you to visit the staff at Diagnostic Learning Services for a Dallas dysgraphia assessment. We work with a wide variety of children and adolescents, diagnosing their learning disabilities and working with parents to help create a plan that allows the student to overcome the condition and receive a quality education.

Our dysgraphia testing in Dallas TX is administered by professional educational diagnosticians. The results from this Dallas dysgraphia evaluation can serve as documented proof of the disability that can be used to gain special accommodations with colleges, universities and even the SAT and ACT testing boards.


About dysgraphia
The symptoms of dysgraphia are actually relatively common, while the formal disability doesn’t seem to be as widely recognized. As our dysgraphia evaluation in Dallas TX uncovers, dysgraphia is a brain condition that makes it difficult for students to convey their thoughts in written form. Their handwriting is often illegible or very sloppy.

Other common symptoms include difficulty:

  • Writing in print of cursive formats
  • Spacing letters and words correctly
  • Taking notes
  • Copying text
  • And a lot more

As you can tell, these symptoms are a huge hindrance to the students that suffer from dysgraphia. With our Dallas dysgraphia assessment, we are able to identify symptoms in your child and gauge the impact it has on his or her education. Our extensive testing process allows us to gain accurate insight into your child’s learning disability, which is information that is very valuable for you.


Lean on us for dysgraphia testing in Dallas TX
Don’t be one of the many parents that fails to provide their child with the resources they need simply because they had no idea he or she was suffering from a learning disability.

Get the insightful, knowledgeable attention of Diagnostic Learning Services and take advantage of our Dallas dysgraphia assessment.