Dallas Dyslexia Assessment Testing

Welcome to Diagnostic Learning Services, one of the leading names in Dallas dyslexia assessment. The qualified educational diagnosticians on our staff can offer you the in-depth testing that your child needs to uncover whether or not dyslexia is serving as a barrier between them and their education.

An extensive dyslexia evaluation in Dallas TX is vital because it’s important to make an early diagnosis. When caught early enough, parents and teachers can come together to provide the appropriate accommodations for a dyslexic student.

When a Dallas dyslexia evaluation pinpoints dyslexia early, the child is still able to learn new skills and develop despite the disability.


The earliest signs of dyslexia
Dyslexia is a surprisingly common genetic disability that an individual does not outgrow. Due to differences in the brain, dyslexia sufferers have a hard time converting what they hear or read into thoughts and vice versa. That means they have a hard time reading, comprehending instructions and more.

If your child experiences mild forms of just some of the symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have dyslexia. That’s why a Dallas dyslexia assessment is important.

At Diagnostic Learning Services, our staff issues a thorough dyslexia evaluation in Dallas TX that closely examines how your child performs in certain areas. We analyze the results and work with parents to provide recommendations on steps to take to persevere over this ailment.


Dyslexic students are not dumb
Dyslexic students are often creative and still can handle sophisticated thoughts and ideas. They just need an alternative delivery for the information they receive. Our dyslexia assessment in Dallas TX not only diagnoses the condition but also walks parents through how to handle it with their child.

A Dallas dyslexia assessment is currently available at one of our many convenient locations. Contact Diagnostic Learning Services to learn more.