Dallas Learning Disability Assessment Testing

A great deal of children struggle with learning disabilities and their parents don’t even know it — Diagnostic Learning Services and our Dallas learning disability assessment process works to change that.

Occasionally, learning disabilities can carry very subtle symptoms, not always detectable by parents or educators. Some children are, instead, considered to be lazy or lack intelligence, when their struggles are a product of their disability.

Here at Diagnostic Learning, we offer learning disability testing in Dallas TX so that parents and educators can explore the barriers standing between a child and their ability to learn.


Our Dallas learning disability evaluation process
Diagnostic Learning Services offers a concise, comprehensive learning disability assessment in Dallas TX. The following is the process that we implement.

  • Before the assessment, we ask parents to fill out a short survey to give our certified educational diagnosticians some background information on the child, including points of concern.
  • The actual assessment takes three or four hours and is administered by these educational diagnosticians. This evaluation identifies symptoms and measures the impact of these symptoms on the child and more.
  • As a part of our Dallas learning disability assessment, we schedule follow-up appointments with parents to discuss our findings and offer recommendations on how best to accommodate the child’s learning disability both at school and at home.

This method of learning disability testing in Dallas TX not only helps you discover whether or not your child suffers from a learning disability, but also helps you explore the symptoms and how it affects the way they learn. This is invaluable information to know and understand.

If your child is struggling in school and you suspect something might be wrong, then contact Diagnostic Learning Services. We can help you schedule a Dallas learning disability assessment with our expert team. Give us a call.