Dallas Learning Disability

ADD ADHD Dyslexia Testing Evaluation

Valuable Dallas learning disability resources are available to students and their families here at Diagnostic Learning Services. We provide our clients with the insight they need into learning disabilities and how they affect the lives of children, adolescents and even high school or college-aged students.

At Diagnostic Learning Services, we provide testing and assessments for a wide range of learning disabilities. We use in-depth methods and a team of state-certified educational diagnosticians to ensure an accurate and well-documented diagnosis. We test for such learning disabilities as:

  • ADD: Students suffering from ADD have a hard time paying attention. Our ADD testing in Dallas TX can determine if this ailment is playing a role in your student’s life.
  • ADHD: Often grouped in with ADD, ADHD makes it difficult for a student to sit still or interact quietly – they are prone to hyperactivity.
  • Dyslexia: While many consider dyslexia to be strictly a reading disability, the symptoms are a lot more far reaching. However, the primary problem caused by dyslexia is that students have a hard time turning what they read into a thought. Our dyslexia testing in Dallas TX can offer a potential diagnosis.
  • Dysgraphia: As a result of a certain brain condition, students with dysgraphia have a hard time writing neatly or properly spacing out their words or even copying down text.
  • Dyscalculia: A learning difference characterized by difficulty in understanding number sense such as learning math facts, organizing objects, and/or the inability to tell the passing of time.

The list goes on from there. With our Dallas learning disability testing and assessment, we look closely at your child’s skills in such areas as verbal, reasoning, memory, visual, auditory, reading, math and more. The thoroughness of this process allows us to uncover any inbred difficulties that serve as a barrier between your child and a quality education.


Working through the results together

Assessments like our ADD testing in Dallas TX or dyslexia evaluations are always accompanied with a follow-up appointment with our staff. At this consultation, we are able to provide you with details about the test results and discuss special accommodations that could address your child’s special needs.

With ADHD evaluation in Dallas TX, along with our many other services, we are able to finally bring what was once a hidden problem to light so you can address it.

Children that suffer through a learning disability often get frustrated and even begin to lack a feeling of self worth. Let your child reach their full potential with our Dallas learning disability testing services. We equip parents and students with everything they need for a successful education.