Dallas SAT ACT Student Accommodation Testing

Dallas SAT student accommodation testing is an avenue a student can take in order to prove that their learning disabilities merit special consideration when it comes to taking tests like the SAT or ACT.

Here at Diagnostic Learning Services, we offer SAT student accommodation testing in Dallas TX, which is administered by state-certified educational diagnosticians. These are men and women that follow all applicable criteria in order to ensure that the students who need special accommodations will get them.


Why special accommodations are needed?

As our Dallas SAT accommodation testing shows, some students suffer from very disruptive learning disabilities. These include conditions like dyslexia, ADD or ADHD. This will affect the student’s ability to take the SAT or ACT following traditional protocol.

The goal of our Dallas SAT student accommodation testing is to show the testing administrators that students with disabilities require special accommodation. These accommodations come in many forms:

  • More time
  • Longer or more frequent breaks
  • Private testing room
  • Someone to help read the questions
  • And more

Our SAT student accommodation testing in Dallas TX is not only accurate and offers helpful insight to a student’s learning disability, but we also help students and their families go through the process of applying for special accommodations.

Our SAT accommodation testing is designed specifically to appease the requirements laid forth by SAT and ACT officials, so it will have the necessary information needed to grant students special accommodations.

These tests are important to a student’s academic life. We help them reach their full potential with our Dallas SAT student accommodation testing methods. Schedule an appointment with our educational diagnosticians and learn more about the process. Don’t fight against your learning disability when help is available. We are standing by to talk to you.