Dr Abbey Weinstein PhD

Dr. Abbey Weinstein is the Director of Assessment for Diagnostic Learning Services.  She is also a cohost of the widely successful podcast, Let’s Talk Learning Disabilities.

Dr. Weinstein has over 22 years’ experience in education as an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) home therapist for 2 years, a teacher for 7 years, and as an Educational Diagnostician for the last 16 years, testing for a variety of disabilities and developing Individualized Education Plans. She has experience in both the private and public education sectors. Abbey earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with an emphasis in Developmental Disabilities from University of Kansas in 1998.

Dr. Weinstein earned her Master’s degree in Special Education with Educational Diagnostician certification from
Texas Woman’s University (TWU) in 2006 and has earned her Ph.D. in Special Education with a minor in Educational Leadership also from TWU. Dr. Weinstein is a member of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Texas Educational Diagnostician Association (TEDA), North Texas CHADD, and Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD).

In her free time, Abbey loves to read, travel, take walks, and play with her dog, Lenny who is a Lab mix.