Testing for Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia is difficulty with the skills that allow us to produce written work like handwriting, typing, and spelling.

It is often caused by difficulty with motor skills.

Signs and Symptoms

  • May have illegible printing and cursive writing (despite appropriate time and attention given to the task)
  • Shows inconsistencies: mixtures of print and cursive, upper and lower case, or irregular sizes, shapes or slant of letters
  • Has unfinished words or letters, omitted words
  • Inconsistent spacing between words and letters
  • Exhibits strange wrist, body or paper position
  • Has difficulty pre-visualizing letter formation
  • Copying or writing is slow or labored
  • Shows poor spatial planning on paper
  • Has cramped or unusual grip/may complain of sore hand
  • Has great difficulty thinking and writing at the same time (taking notes, creative writing.)

Diagnostic Learning Services offers comprehensive evaluations that can diagnose dysgraphia.

In addition, we will use the assessment information to make relevant recommendations for both school and everyday life.

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