Psycho-Education Evaluation

When a child struggles to meet his/her potential at school, everyone would like to know the root cause. Parents and teachers frequently suspect a child may have a learning issue. Only a Psycho-Education Evaluation, can result in a clear diagnosis.

Understanding the root problem

Evaluators create a safe, comfortable environment. The approach is to make the student feel comfortable so that the evaluation provides a better understanding. The report will contain a written explanation of the tests and results, and how the child approached the examination. Normally recommendation will be made to help each student.


We schedule appointments for evaluations Monday through Saturday with some Sunday appointments available.  Our assessments typically take anywhere from 3-4 hours depending on the age and the pace of the student.

Before the assessment appointment, we ask the parents/adult students to complete an online student information form that will give the diagnostician some background information prior to the appointment so that the most appropriate instruments can be chosen.  It also helps the diagnostician understand specific areas of concern and a little bit about the student’s interests and personality.

The Evaluation

During the evaluation, we keep a close eye on how the student is performing in each area, and when needed, we test further in an area of concern or weakness.  Once the evaluation is completed, a follow up appointment is scheduled.  We try to schedule that appointment within a week to ten days of the assessment.  A copy of the assessment report is emailed prior to that meeting so that it can be reviewed.

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