Frisco ADD ADHD Assessment Testing

Both ADD and ADHD can be a huge barrier standing between your child and a quality education, but with a Frisco ADD assessment and subsequent consultations with Diagnostic Learning Services, you can work to minimize this barrier.

Here at Diagnostic Learning Services, we offer the most in-depth Frisco ADHD testing that is administered by qualified and state-certified educational diagnosticians. These methods will uncover what learning disability your child could potentially be suffering from and how it’s effecting their ability to learn in the classroom.

Both ADD and ADHD make it tough for kids to sit still, pay attention to instruction, engage with fellow classmates calmly and a long list of other symptoms. Our ADD evaluation in Frisco TX will determine the prevalence of those symptoms in your child and how it affects the many aspects of their life (i.e. educational, home, social, etc.).


Building a plan around your Frisco ADD assessment

Our Frisco ADHD testing is an in-depth process to uncover if your child suffers from this learning disability. With the information, you are able to work with our team to devise a plan on how to cope with it and pull in resources to help your child overcome it in the classroom.

It’s important for parents of students suffering from ADD and ADHD to:

  • Have open, close communication with teachers to get progress reports, voice their goals and devise plans to minimize the effects of ADD/ADHD during learning time.
  • Lay out expectations for your child and how they are to behave. It is not impossible for children with ADD/ADHD to behave appropriately in the classroom — they just need structure.

At Diagnostic Learning, not only do we offer ADHD assessment for students in Frisco TX, but we schedule follow up appointments to discuss matters such as these.

Learn more about our Frisco ADD assessment by contacting Diagnostic Learning Services right away.