Frisco Dysgraphia Assessment Testing

A Frisco dysgraphia assessment is important in order to identify this learning disability within your school-age child. The only way to address a problem is by knowing about it, and our team is able to provide a clear diagnosis in addition to providing helpful information on how to approach the education system by accounting for these special needs.

We are Diagnostic Learning Services and we specialize in dysgraphia testing in Frisco TX, in addition to testing and assessments for a wide range of other relatively common learning disabilities, including:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • And more

This is a thorough and complete Frisco dysgraphia evaluation that is administered by qualified, experienced and state-certified educational diagnosticians. The documented results can be used to present to educators, educational institutions and testing bodies for the SAT and ACT in order to receive the necessary special accommodations.


Frisco dysgraphia assessment that provides answers
In its simplest explanation, dysgraphia is the inability to write clearly due to a brain condition. This means a student has a hard time writing neatly, taking notes, copying text and other essential tasks that come with day-to-day life within a traditional educational system.

Some students with dysgraphia are dismissed by teachers, who assume they just don’t know how, or want, to write neatly. With our dysgraphia testing in Frisco TX, you are able to provide documented proof of dysgraphia and take the necessary steps to address it.


Testing available for all ages
Our dysgraphia evaluation in Frisco TX is designed for students of all ages — from preschool to teenagers. The disability manifests itself differently in these various stages, and our staff knows what to look for.

Take the right steps to addressing the hardships that come with dysgraphia. The team at Diagnostic Learning Services is standing by to provide you with a Frisco dysgraphia assessment. Contact one of our five learning centers in the Frisco area.