Frisco Dyslexia Assessment Testing

Here at Diagnostic Learning Services, we invite you to consult with our educational diagnosticians for a Frisco dyslexia assessment. If you suspect that your child is struggling with dyslexia ­— perhaps suggested by a variety of problems with reading — then we invite you to utilize this thorough evaluation process.

Diagnosing dyslexia via a dyslexia evaluation is important, especially early on in a child’s educational career. It’s impossible to grow out of dyslexia, but by establishing its presence early, you are able to provide your child with the resources they need to enjoy a lifetime of fruitful learning.

Dyslexia can be a huge barrier between your child and learning
Dyslexia can create frustration and low self esteem within children. Our Frisco dyslexia evaluation is designed to help avoid that by ensuring they get the help and resources they need to minimize dyslexia.

As is often observed in our Frisco dyslexia assessment process, this learning disability greatly inhibits the child’s ability to translate words — both written and otherwise — into thoughts. This means:

  • Reading well
  • Recognizing words
  • Understanding what he or she reads
  • Assigning appropriate sounds with each letter
  • And more

Our dyslexia evaluation in Frisco TX not only examines the student for these symptoms, but our team also gauges how dramatic of an impact it has on their educational pursuits. With this information, parents can make appropriate arrangements and accommodations for their child in school and at home.

Work with Diagnostic Learning Services for a dyslexia assessment in Frisco TX
Dyslexia does not have to ruin any chance your child had at a valuable education. By working with our staff, you can explore this learning disability and make appropriate changes.

We have served many children, adolescents and their families with our Frisco dyslexia assessment services. Lean on our knowledge and experience by scheduling your appointment.