Frisco SAT ACT Student Accommodation Testing

If your child needs special accommodations for the SAT or ACT, then we invite you to consult with the experts at Diagnostic Learning Services, where we offer Frisco SAT student accommodation testing.

Many kids need special arrangements when taking the SAT and ACT due to a learning disability. These aren’t considerations that are easily handed out though — your child needs to undergo the right SAT student accommodation testing in Frisco TX and navigate the process correctly.

Diagnostic Learning Services helps with this process. In addition to Frisco SAT accommodation testing, we work with our clients to ensure that they take the right steps to earning special accommodations on these tests. Test administrators need some of the following materials:

  • Documentation on the student’s disability as diagnosed by a professional with the necessary credentials. At Diagnostic Learning Services, our Frisco SAT student accommodation testing is administered by certified educational diagnosticians that are compliant with both SAT and ACT standards.
  • The educational, developmental and medical history of the student.
  • A rundown of the special accommodations that are being requested. This can range from added time, a private testing room or more frequent breaks. We use out SAT student accommodation testing in Frisco TX to determine the needs of your student.
  • Information from a qualified evaluator. Our team has worked with SAT and ACT officials for years, and carry the necessary credentials and certifications.

All of this must be done ahead of time, too — so time is of the essence. Area students and their families rely on Diagnostic Learning Services for SAT accommodation testing in Frisco TX to help in this very important process.

Make sure that the needs of your student are taken into consideration when they take these life-changing tests. Work with our team for Frisco SAT student accommodation testing to diagnose their needs for standardized testing.