Testing for Giftedness

Diagnostic learning Services performs evaluations to identify giftedness in students of all ages.

A gifted and talented student performs at or shows the potential to perform at an especially high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age and grade.

These students often:

  • perform at a remarkably high level in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area
  • exhibit extraordinary leadership qualities
  • excel in a specific academic field

Individual recommendations are made based on the results of the assessment so that each student has an opportunity to be challenged to their full potential and beyond.  Our evaluations can be used to justify the need for acceptance into a Gifted & Talented Program.

Group IQ Testing vs Individually Administered IQ Tests When Assessing for Giftedness

While all school districts use different criteria for admitting students into their gifted/talented programs, many school districts are using group IQ tests to identify children’s need for gifted education. These tests have some advantages and also some inherent problems.

When compared to individually-administered tests, group IQ tests are extremely time efficient as well as cost efficient. They can be given to many kids at once in a classroom setting, and can be administered by a teacher or teacher’s aide. This is why school’s use them. However, many students perform much better in a one-on-one setting which leads to a more accurate picture of their true skills and abilities.

Individually administered IQ testing gives the examiner the opportunity to consider individual differences in response styles or the reason a child might have for making a mistake. Individually administered IQ tests can provide information on how a child learns best and identity specific strengths which is critical when making decisions regarding appropriate educational placement.


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