Houston ADD ADHD Assessment Testing

Diagnostic Learning Services is currently offering a Houston ADD assessment that is both in-depth and administered by state-certified educational diagnosticians. If you have a child or adolescent that you suspect might be hindered educationally by ADD or ADHD, we invite you to learn more about it.

We offer Houston ADHD testing that closely examines the prominent symptoms in your child along with scrutinizing how those symptoms affect their daily lives. Both ADD and ADHD are not simple ailments to diagnose. We have developed the most effective methods and criteria to determine if these learning disabilities play a role in your child’s life.


After our ADD evaluation in Houston TX

Not only do we offer initial Houston ADHD testing, but we schedule follow-up appointments with all of our clients to examine the results and offer important information and resources on how to rise above ADD/ADHD and still perform well academically.

These conversations can include some of the following topics:

  • Potential medications: There are some medications available to help quell the problematic symptoms of ADD/ADHD. You can explore those with a Houston ADD assessment.
  • Special education needs: Whether your child needs more time on a standardized test or one-on-one attention in school, we can make recommendations on how to create a more fulfilling educational experience for your child.
  • Expectations: It is not impossible for children with ADD/ADHD to behave appropriately at school. As a part of our ADHD assessment in Houston TX, we can help you establish expectations for your child and how to convey those expectations to them.

Recognizing and understanding learning disabilities is important so that children can get an educational experience that meets their specific needs. A reliable Houston ADD assessment is one piece of that. Contact our staff and learn more about what we do.