Houston Dysgraphia Assessment Testing

If your child or adolescent exhibits great difficulty writing clearly, then scheduling a Houston dysgraphia assessment might be in their best interest. Diagnostic Learning Services specializes in pinpointing dysgraphia and a number of other learning disabilities within school-aged children.

With our dysgraphia testing in Houston TX, which is administered by our certified educational diagnosticians, you will be able to gain a unique and valuable insight into the way that your child learns and the obstacles that might be holding them back. This includes:

  • Whether or not they suffer from a diagnosable case of dysgraphia
  • What symptoms they suffer from
  • How those symptoms impact their school and home life
  • What special accommodations can be made for them
  • And more

A Houston dysgraphia evaluation is important in addressing the special needs of your child, rather than forcing them to fend for themselves in school.


A thorough Houston dysgraphia assessment
At Diagnostic Learning Services, we take pride in offering the most in-depth dysgraphia testing in Houston TX. We also employ knowledgeable and experienced diagnosticians, who have copious experience working in both the fields of education and special education.

Not only do we collect background information from a parent or guardian, but the three- to four-hour dysgraphia evaluation in Houston TX closely examines the way in which your child learns and the factors that might be hindering them.

Dysgraphia is just one of many learning disabilities — a brain condition that holds children back from writing clearly. This can be a huge hindrance during day-to-day schoolwork, causing kids to perform poorly and even get frustrated in the process.


Schedule an appointment with Diagnostic Learning Services
You can identify dysgraphia and other learning disabilities with the help of our team. Contact our office staff right now and schedule your Houston dysgraphia assessment. This also includes a follow-up appointment to discuss the results of the test and discuss further options. We look forward to working with you.