Houston Dyslexia Assessment Testing

Diagnostic Learning Services can provide you with a reliable Houston dyslexia assessment if you feel that your child might be suffering from this relatively common learning disability.

Dyslexia is far more common than many people assume it to be — its symptoms are also a lot different than what the typical person knows them as. Dyslexia can have a profound impact on a child’s ability to learn, so it’s important to know for sure whether they suffer from it and to what extent. A comprehensive Houston dyslexia evaluation uncovers strengths, weaknesses, and specific learning differences that impact how information is processed.

Our dyslexia evaluation in Houston TX offers answers. Our certified educational diagnosticians provide a thorough Houston dyslexia evaluation that closely examines what symptoms your child suffers from and what kind of an impact it has on their lives both at home and school. From there, our staff can help you interpret this information and recommend things that can benefit your child in their academic pursuits.


Much more than a reading disability
Many people shrug off dyslexia as a reading disability. While dyslexia does make it difficult for children to translate language (and writing) into thoughts, dyslexia affects so many other skills, as can be uncovered by our Houston dyslexia assessment. These include:

  • Reading for understanding
  • Spelling
  • Math problem solving

Our dyslexia evaluation in Houston TX gives us the ability to explain to you how your child is effected by dyslexia so you can gain a better understanding of why they struggle in certain aspects of school. This information is paramount to finding solutions.


Schedule a dyslexia assessment in Houston TX
At Diagnostic Learning Services, we employ some of the most competent, qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the state. This lends credibility to our dyslexia testing in Houston TX.

We can help you schedule a Houston dyslexia assessment. Simply contact us and a team member will walk you through the process.