What’s the difference between neuropsychological vs psycho-educational evaluations?

A Neuropsychological evaluation is an in-depth assessment of how someone’s brain works, or of skills and abilities linked to brain function. A neuropsychological evaluation measures things like memory, language, problem solving, attention, visual-spatial skills, IQ, and academic skills like reading, writing, and math. It can also include social-emotional functioning. This type of testing is different from a neurological evaluation, which is like an EEG. A neuropsychological evaluation will reveal strengths and weaknesses, learning styles and help determine the best types of intervention. A neuropsychologist or school psychologist usually performs this type of assessment.

A Psycho-Educational evaluation is EXACTLY the same thing. It can be completed by the same professionals. It can also be completed by Educational Diagnosticians or other learning specialists who work directly in schools or have background working in schools.

The difference is really more about the point of view of the professional doing the testing and less about the information you will receive.