Plano ADD ADHD Assessment Testing

If your child or adolescent is showing some of the more classic signs of ADD or ADHD, then we invite you to consult with the staff here at Diagnostic Learning Services for a thorough Plano ADD assessment.

Our state-certified educational diagnosticians strive to provide the most in-depth evaluations currently available. This Plano ADHD testing will help determine whether or not your child suffers from this learning disability, and, furthermore, what can be done to downplay it for the sake of a fulfilling education.

Our ADD evaluation in Plano TX is a three- to four-hour process, which also includes background information submitted by parents/adults. Our on-staff professionals look carefully at how kids perform in each area of the testing and also administer further testing if more clarification is needed.


Knowing the signs of ADHD

Our Plano ADD assessment looks for the symptoms of ADD and ADHD in addition to analyzing if those symptoms are becoming a disruption in the subject’s life — academic, home, social and more.

Some of the more classic signs of this learning disability that our Plano ADHD testing looks for are:

  • Making careless mistakes
  • Difficulty with organization/frequently losing things
  • Easily distracted/hard time listening to, and following instruction
  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Having a tough time engaging with others quietly
  • Find it hard to wait their turn or listen to others without interrupting

By our ADHD assessment in Plano TX, we look to see if a child exhibits a certain number of these — and other — characteristics and whether or not it has a profound impact on various aspects of their lives.

The end result is a Plano ADD assessment that you can trust and can use in order to make the necessary accommodations for your child’s home and school life. If you have more questions about our methods or services, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call.