Plano Dysgraphia Assessment Testing

A Plano dysgraphia assessment can uncover this learning disability in your child and help you explore ways in which you can accommodate him or her at school and at home.

You may have never heard of dysgraphia, but you likely have seen the symptoms of it before. Dysgraphia is a brain disorder that makes it very tough for a person to write, among other fine motor skills.

With writing being such a huge component of traditional education, dysgraphia testing in Plano TX is important so that a child can be officially diagnosed with the ailment and provided with the assistance that they need.


A learning disability that is hiding in plain site
A formal Plano dysgraphia evaluation by qualified professionals is paramount because, so often, this learning disability is dismissed for general laziness or the refusal to write with neat penmanship. In-depth evaluations are exactly what we offer at Diagnostic Learning Services.

When dysgraphia is not diagnosed, that student tends to struggle in school. They are often not able to communicate their thoughts properly, which can start to take its toll on their emotional state, as well.

With our Plano dysgraphia assessment, we examine the symptoms and their impact on the child’s education to determine if this disability is, in fact, present in your child’s life. From there, we can explore means in which to give them the help and accommodations they need to downplay their dysgraphia.


Thorough dysgraphia testing in Plano TX
Diagnostic Learning Services offers an in-depth dysgraphia evaluation in Plano TX led by our extremely experienced and knowledgeable team of educational diagnosticians. This in-depth knowledge and rigorous testing process lends our results credibility in the eyes of educators, institutions and administrators of standardized tests like the SAT and ACT.

Don’t ignore the signs of dysgraphia — you could be doing a disservice to your child. Contact Diagnostic Learning Services and schedule a Plano dysgraphia assessment.