Plano Dyslexia Assessment Testing

Turn to professionals for a Plano dyslexia assessment by contacting the friendly, helpful staff at Diagnostic Learning Services. We offer in-depth, thorough assessments and evaluations that help shed light on your child’s potential learning disability.

Trying to navigate the traditional education system with dyslexia can be a losing battle for your child. Even at a young age, they can run into problems learning what many consider to be simple skills and lessons. With a dyslexia evaluation in Plano TX, you can learn early on if your child suffers from this relatively common learning disability, and then do something about it.


A Plano dyslexia evaluation offered by industry professionals
Diagnostic Learning Services staffs qualified and state-certified educational diagnosticians. These are men and women that have made this important work their life’s passion, and it reflects in their knowledge and experience on the matter.

You can trust that our Plano dyslexia assessment is one of the most complete and thorough assessments currently available. With the information our professionals collect with our dyslexia evaluation in Plano TX, they are able to provide helpful insight and offer recommendations on how to accommodate your child’s needs so they can learn alongside the average student.


About our process
Before our dyslexia assessment in Plano TX, we collect some preliminary information from the parent or guardian. From there, we issue the three- to four-hour examination, taking note how strongly or weak the child performs in certain areas.

We also schedule follow-up appointments about 3-5 days after the evaluation to discuss the findings. This is the most effective way for parents to help their children understand and overcome what are relatively common learning disabilities.

If you suspect that your child might be grappling with dyslexia, then we invite you to contact Diagnostic Learning Services and schedule a Plano dyslexia assessment. We are serving the local community with our five conveniently located learning centers. Contact us now.