Plano SAT ACT Student Accommodation Testing

Welcome to Diagnostic Learning Services, where we offer Plano SAT student accommodation testing. This ensures that students who are struggling with disruptive learning disabilities can get the special help they need on standardized tests like the SAT or ACT.

These are not tests that are particularly designed with learning disabilities in mind. These students require special accommodations that often come in the form of additional time or more frequent breaks. With our SAT student accommodation testing in Plano TX, these students can go about the process of getting those special accommodations.


About our Plano SAT accommodation testing

Led by state-certified educational diagnosticians, our team helps you provide the information to successfully apply for special accommodations on the SAT or ACT tests.

The SAT and ACT have guidelines set in place to help vet students who apply for accommodations. Our Plano SAT student accommodation testing can help prove that a student:

  • Currently utilizes special accommodations in their everyday academic life and will use the requested accommodations.
  • Has documentation of the learning disability in question that was produced within the last three years.
  • Indeed suffers from disabilities that require special accommodations

The results and documentation of our SAT student accommodation testing in Plano TX provides all the information needed to confirm the student’s needs. We specialize in diagnosing learning disabilities and doing it in a way that is fully compliant with the SAT and ACT standards.

These are some of the most in-depth and comprehensive assessments and are administered by deeply knowledgeable and experienced professionals. We are the trusted source for SAT accommodation testing in Plano TX.

We are ready to work for students who need accommodations with the SAT and ACT. Let our Plano SAT student accommodation testing help grant the needed help, allowing all students to reach their fullest potential on these very important tests.