All Colleges and Universities offer services for students with learning disabilities including ADHD and Dyslexia. Because each program is different, while visiting schools, it is important to visit each Disability Services office to determine if they have the types of services that you or your student may need. Some programs offer more intensive support while others just offer the basic accommodations.

  • The first question you need to ask is what type of documentation is needed in order to access their services. You will likely need to provide records from your High School as well as documentation of your disability. It is important to find out exactly what is needed and how current the information should be to avoid delays in services.
  • What are the types of accommodations that are available through their office?  Are you able to receive extended time on tests? Do they allow you to take tests in a quiet room or individually? Do they provide a note taker or help with getting lecture notes?  Do they provide audio books for textbooks and required readings?
  • What types of additional services are available? Do they offer tutoring or academic remediation? Is there writing center that you have access to? Do they offer study skills or help with organization and time management?
  • How will your professors be notified of your accommodations? Who do you talk to if accommodations are not being provided in a certain class?
  • Are course substitutions available for a required course at the college if they are needed based on the specific nature of a disability….like a student with a math disability may be able to substitute a College Algebra credit with another course like statistics.
  • Are there fee’s for their services or are they included with your regular tuition?