The Woodlands ADD ADHD Assessment Testing

Welcome to Diagnostic Learning Services, where we specialize in The Woodlands ADD assessment for children and adolescents. Many students go through their academic lives in the dark about their fight with ADD/ADHD. Meanwhile, it makes it tough for them to perform at peak levels and focus on the tasks at hand.

With The Woodlands ADHD testing by Diagnostic Learning Centers, our team of professional and state-certified educational diagnosticians provides extensive testing and evaluation to determine whether your child grapples with a ADD, ADHD or any other form of learning disability.


Understanding the subtypes of ADD/ADHD

At Diagnostic Learning Services, not only do we provide throughout and accurate ADD evaluation in The Woodlands TX, but we also work to educate our clients about learning disabilities and offer consultations on how they might be minimized in an educational setting.

It’s important to know the subtypes of ADD/ADHD so you can understand how it affects a student and what we look for in our The Woodlands ADD assessment. These subtypes include:

  • Predominantly inattentive: This is where a student has a hard time paying attention to instruction or the tasks at hand. They might often lose things, become easily distracted or simply stop listening.
  • Predominantly hyperactive: Many people confuse this form of ADD/ADHD with being hyper. Children suffering from this have a hard time sitting still. Our The Woodlands ADHD testing is able to determine if this plays a factor in your child’s life.
  • Combination of the two: A third subtype is a combination of both of these. Diagnostic Learning Services offers a specific ADHD assessment in The Woodlands TX that determines the presence or severity of the disability in addition to making recommendations on adjustments for both home and school life.

Exploring further information on a potential learning disability is paramount in helping your child reach their full potential. Contact Diagnostic Learning Services to schedule a The Woodlands ADD assessment.