The Woodlands Dysgraphia Assessment Testing

Dysgraphia is a very disruptive learning disability and with a The Woodlands dysgraphia assessment, you can determine whether your child or adolescent might be struggling with it.

Diagnostic Learning Services specializes in dysgraphia testing in The Woodlands TX. Our in-depth assessment process is led by industry-leading educational diagnosticians, who all have experience in the education and special education fields.

With our The Woodlands dysgraphia evaluation, we search for symptoms of dysgraphia in your child, documenting it along the way. Our diagnosis can be used to present to educational officials to earn your child the special accommodations that they need to lead a productive life at school, at home and on tests.

About our The Woodlands dysgraphia assessment process
Part of what makes our dysgraphia testing in The Woodlands TX so credible is the fact that we have utilized methodology that is thorough, complete and documents what is often considered to be a somewhat nebulous condition.

  • Before the actual testing, we ask parents or guardians to fill out a question form to let our team know some background information about the student. This helps identify immediately some areas in which the child struggles.
  • The test and evaluation is around three or four hours, and closely examines the symptoms that the child exhibits and whether or not those symptoms have an impact on their performance in school or within social settings.
  • As a part of our dysgraphia evaluation in The Woodlands TX, we schedule follow-up appointments with parents to go over the results. When students are diagnosed with dysgraphia, our team can provide valuable information on how to seek special accommodations to address their specific needs.

Dysgraphia certainly makes a traditional education difficult, but not impossible. With our The Woodlands dysgraphia assessment, we can help your child get the help they need. Contact Diagnostic Learning Services right now.