The Woodlands Dyslexia Assessment Testing

A quality, in-depth The Woodlands dyslexia assessment can determine whether your child suffers from this learning disability. This is important information to know — students that grapple with dyslexia face far more barriers than the average student, making the education process difficult and sometimes unfulfilling.

There are many misconceptions about dyslexia. Some consider it strictly a reading disability while others think that a dyslexic student sees words in reverse. Dyslexia actually has much more far reaching implications than just inhibiting the ability to read.

Here at Diagnostic Learning Services, our dyslexia evaluation in The Woodlands TX helps you explore this learning disability and its potential impact on your child.


What are the symptoms of dyslexia?
Our The Woodlands dyslexia evaluation examines children for the symptoms of dyslexia. This is a complex process and requires experienced professionals. Symptoms can range and manifest themselves in different ways depending on the child’s age. Still, some classic symptoms that we look for with a The Woodlands dyslexia assessment include:

  • Difficulty reading and writing
  • Hard time learning new words
  • Trouble remembering information
  • Rely to heavily on memorization and not reading skills
  • Often does not use proper grammar

Just because a child might experience one or more of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean they suffer from dyslexia. That’s why our dyslexia evaluation in The Woodlands TX is so important.

We measure symptoms and gauge their impact on your child’s ability to learn. Through this dyslexia assessment in The Woodlands TX, we can determine if dyslexia has an impact on your child and what they can do to minimize its effects.

Schedule a The Woodlands dyslexia assessment with Diagnostic Learning Services and get the answers and insights that you are looking for. Our staff is standing by to speak with you.