I can honestly say that I LOVE what I do. Not many people can say that, and I consider myself very luck to enjoy my job.

I have had a passion for students who learn differently since I was in high school. I was lucky enough to attend a high school that offered a “clinical rotation” through different child/development and educational settings. This just confirmed that I wanted to study Special Education in college.

I finished my degree and began teaching in a variety of special education settings. Over the course of my teaching career, I taught pretty much every grade, Kindergarten through 12th. As much as I loved what I did, I always wondered why are these kids struggling?? This lead me to go back to school and obtain a Master’s degree in Special Education with an emphasis in assessment.

Since that time, I have been able to help families really understand why their child is having the difficulties that they are and what is the right way to help them. So many times, kids struggle in school and parents and teachers are spinning their wheels with tutoring before and after school, missed recess, and homework nightmares. What I get to do is help them understand WHY this is all happening and what the RIGHT type of help looks like. I cannot even count how many “ah ha” moments I have seen happen as I review testing results with parents. There is such a great feeling helping them put all the pieces of the puzzle together. In addition, this information helps parents be more proactive with younger siblings now that they have a better idea of what they are looking for. The best part is that once we figure out exactly what is going on, the student can begin to feel some success. So many times, kids with learning issues are frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and just feel hopeless. Now that we know the root causes and the appropriate support can be put in place, those kids have a chance at some success and can now begin to feel good about themselves.