Diagnostic Learning Services specializes in providing:

  • Individualized, comprehensive assessments to identify possible learning disabilities, including dyslexia and ADHD
  • Updated evaluations that will meet SAT, ACT, and University documentation requirements for accommodations, including extended time
  • A thorough assessment report and follow-up appointment that will give the parents insight into how their child learns and a road map to success.

Diagnostic Learning Services prides itself on providing comprehensive evaluations that are accepted in school districts and universities nation wide. We use a prescriptive approach to evaluations and only administer assessments that are necessary based on a student’s needs.

As we work through an evaluation with a student, we begin with a basic assessment of all skills. Then, we will assess further in specific areas where a weakness or deficit is suspected. This allows us to administer our evaluations in a timely manner and keep our fees well below that of other evaluation centers.

Our assessments include a full evaluation of cognitive and achievement skills. When suspected, additional assessment for Dyslexia, ADHD, Dysgraphia, Dycalculia, and other specific learning disabilities are performed.

Serving Dallas/Ft. Worth since 2004. ┬áServing Houston and The Woodlands since 2013. ┬áComing soon…..Austin in 2016.

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